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Here's a few testimonials from some of our customers

In February of this year I was given the opportunity to go to San Antonio in May for work, and my husband could go with me.  This would be our first vacation together in over eight years.  I had pretty much made up my mind that we would not be able to go because of our dogs.  We have one very old and one very young.  The older one had had two previous boarding experiences that were not very good for any of us.
Just as I was giving up hope, an ad appeared in the paper announcing the future opening of Barking Buddy Kennels.  After talking with Denise, I was certain this would work out perfectly for our two furry babies.  Ours were their first "customers" but you never would have guessed it by the friendly and professional way everything was handled.

Missy is one happy little girl now.
She hated being boarded until we
found Barking Buddy Kennels.

                                      Summer 2009



Before May we had never taken our dogs to a kennel so we didn't know how they would act.  Our old dog Harley was not the most cooperative for his first stay.  But, that didn't phase anyone in the Gilbert Family.  The love and patience that they exhibited with Harley was wonderful.  Barking Buddy had no problem giving Harley his pill both ends of the day. 


We are grateful for Barking Buddy Kennels!  We needed a place to keep our dog at a moment's notice and the Gilbert Family was very accommadating.  They were very flexible about drop off and pick up times; allowing us to be back with Jack sooner than other places.


I found out about Barking Buddy Kennels through a Google search after finding out the kennel where we generally board our dogs was booked the weekend of my sister-in-laws wedding.  After a few email chats with Denise I decided to give it a try.  I couldn't have been happier with my choice!  Stretch has horrible separation anxiety and usually gets sick when we have to board him (last time he was sick for a week. Ugh!).




In Memory of Boo, we'll miss you!                                   


In Memory of Missy.  We love you sweet girl!  We will miss you!


We heard about Barking Buddy's through word of mouth.  Judy VanCoetsem told my mother in law who then told us about this wonderful Kennel.  Without the daycare and personal attention this family owned and operated kennel has, we wouldn't have the freedom to look for a new home.  Now with a baby on the way, we are able to put the dogs in daycare to get to appointments and have even opted for beach time.     
Every time we leave the dogs at Barking Buddy Kennels, I feel confident that Max and Sasha will be well care for throughout their stay.  I can assure you that the rates for daycare are more economical and you WON'T find cheaper daycare rates with the same ammenities that Barking Buddy's has.  Need an overnight stay?  Rest assured that your dogs will have the same care they get at home while eating their regular diet and getting the exercise they need.  If we move out of Cortland County, we will STILL trust in Barking Buddy Kennels to house our dogs while we travel.  It's worth that much more to find Kennel staff that will treat your dogs with the same care you'd give them at home.  It makes Barking Buddy Kennels PRICELESS  and sets them apart from competition.  Thank You Denise, Joe, Joan and children for taking special care of our little Canine kids Max & Sasha!                                         Doug and Rebecca Shearer

                                                      Thank you, Barking Buddy Kennels! 
                                                        The Smith Family, Cortland, NY

Cujo and Pugsy spent a week at Barking Buddy Kennels.  The kennel was like a home away from home.  Other kennels have a business as usual feel but Barking Buddy Kennels was very warm and inviting.  Along with our dogs needs being met, the owners and their family went above and beyond to keep our dogs happy and comfortable.  When the need arrives our dogs will surely be staying at Barking Buddy Kennels.
                                                                                             Diane & Dan Briggs


Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Bobo.  Your facility was roomy and comfortable, and your flexible hours were very accommodating!  We appreciate the loving care you provided Bobo as well.  We'll be sure to use your service again and are happy to recommend you to anyone!  Thanks again...Rob, Celeste, and Bobo Stoker
I thought our leaving would be traumatic for them and us, but they were so busy with the kids they never even noticed when we left.  The day we went to bring them home, instead of dragging us to the car to get away from there, they seemed reluctant to leave.
We were very pleased with everything about Barking Buddy.  Denise, Joe, Joan and the children treat the dogs as their own and make a family atmosphere for the animals.  I wouldn't hesitate at all to take them there again, and would, and have, highly recommended them to other pet owners.
Paul and Judy VanCoetsem
Cortland, NY 
Ron and Marilyn Rosato
Cortland, NY 
 July 2009 


They were so wonderful to us even when we called on short notice.  Now we know that we have a safe, spacious, and enjoyable place for both of our dogs.  We are so happy to have Barking Buddy Kennel for our dogs Harley and Hank.
The Brown Family, Preble, NY
Jack had plenty of room and lots of attention during his visit at Barking Buddy Kennels.  He received lots of belly rubs, exercise, and good care while we were away.  Jack was a happy dog and enjoyed his stay....which set our minds at ease and gives us options and opportunities to feel comfortable about the care of our dog when we cannot be there for him. 

Suki was abused as a pup and is one nervous dog & growls at strangers.
  Well, I'm very please to say Denise & her family made my dogs feel at home for their stay.  Plus the kennel is clean, the rooms are a great size, and wow! the fenced in area is HUGH!  When my husband picked them up they were as happy & healthy as could be.  I will definitely bring my dogs back to be boarded at Barking Buddy's!  Thank you!!
        Krista & Nathan