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Oaklee enjoying her overnight at Barking Buddy Kennels.    
A little TLC before bed time helps Oaklee feel at home.     
  Bailey enjoying a belly rub.......
She took advantage of our day care rates while her family visited the area.
Stretch "hanging out" "happy as a clam"     Suki, being just a little shy at first
These two little pupkins are always happy campers at Barking Buddy Kennels.....
Ritz & Blessing
                     Hank and Harley enjoying one of the big kennels.
Jack relaxing during a summer day.  
Our larger kennels are still roomy enough for the larger breeds.
Diesel, a Bull Mastiff enjoyed his stay.
The privacy side panels keep each kennel  sanitary and create a private space for each animal.  This reduces the stress of being away from home.
Our dog Sadie's new friend Mei Li visits us often.
She enjoys the large fenced in play area. 
Hoss thinks of us as his second family since we take such good care of him while his owners are away.